We’re so excited to be presenting LUNGS at 12th Avenue Arts this summer. In addition to our incredible designers, we’re to share with you a bit more about our two cast members who will be bringing this story to life.

For the second installment of our artist series, we introduce Erika Vetter & Arjun Pande.


Why do you do theatre?

“Theatre provokes thought in ways we may or may not have been willing to open ourselves up to; It holds a mirror up to ourselves and our societies; It breaks us open-- to empathize, to release, to share, to connect; It asks us to sit in each others' presence and experience a moment together. Theatre is as close to magic as it gets for me-- that's why I do it.”

Erika Vetter is humbled to work with RRTG on this striking piece. She was last seen as Armande in UW School of Drama’s Learned Ladies. Regional Credits: The Flick (Mendocino Theatre Company), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Merely Players) NYC Credits: Sweet Bird of Youth (Gallery Players), As You Like It, Merchant of Venice (Classics On The Rocks), and A Month In The Country (Parnassus Theatre Company). Training: BA Acting, University of Northern Colorado. MFA ’21 Candidate, University of Washington. Giant thanks to Henry, Danielle, Arjun and the RRTG crew, and infinite love and gratitude to Adam. www.erika-vetter.com

• • •


Why do you do theatre?

“I had a teacher who once said artists are “archeologists of the soul,” and if that’s true, then theater has always felt like the medium in which I could unearth and present the most extraordinary artifacts and bones. I suppose when I find something that requires more of my mind, body, and soul, and provides me with more exciting adventures and discoveries, I will probably jump ship. But until then, I’ll be doing theater.”

Arjun has been performing new and old material for children and adults around Seattle for the last 4 years. If you would like to know specifics, be sure to ask him. He is a lover of games and thunderstorms, and when he isn’t performing he climbs mountains, plays with cats, and tries to figure out the secrets of the universe. Arjun is a graduate of Brown University and his favorite animal is the dragon. Above all else, he is glad you are here. Thank you for coming.